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"For Black Men Only"
Individualized therapy to address unique struggles of black men in America.  

Society has placed many roadblocks/stressors in the path of black men. Some of which people other than black men will never have to deal with and even have difficulty understanding. Whether it’s due to trauma, family of origin issues or navigating racism and discrimination; we all find ways of navigating these things, but sometimes our search for resilience comes at the expense of our own wellbeing. 


Many have adopted the role of the "black chameleon" as a source resilience. We learn to be who we need to be, rather than who we are. We hide aspects of ourselves and at times even develop a “false self” that helps us cope with stressors and even get “wins” along the way. These short term fixes can have long term impacts, particularly as we progress into adulthood. The creation and use of the “false self” can lead to development symptoms of anger, resentment, anxiety and depression. All symptoms that can severely impact relationships, work and overall happiness and life satisfaction.


How Can Therapy Help? 

In individual therapy we will start to examine the impact of roadblocks in your life and examine the methods used to navigate them. We will identify the “false selves” that have been created and explore their usefulness as well as their detriments. We will work to understand their impact on your current symptoms and develop a strategy to help you identify and integrate your “true self” and thus move closer to living your best life. 



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