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Black Men’s Therapy Group 

Connection and building relationships with others is an essential human need.  In today's social and political climate black men need to support each other in leading lives of integrity, authenticity, and service. 


Join me and a group of other black men who are willing to take off the armor and share their thoughts, emotions, struggles, and triumphs during 12 week group therapy endeavor. 



It is specifically for anyone who identifies as a black man and wants:

    •    to deepen their level of self-awareness

    •    to confront the cycle of isolation, avoidance, and withdraw from their life

    •    to explore the many components of male identity in a supportive environment 

    •    to learn how to stay curious and engaged when faced with comparison and conflict

    •    to have more satisfying intimate relationship with their partner(s)

    •    to develop insight on their relational patterns

Group consists of 5-7 participants 18 and older.

Group Requires a weekly commitment for 12 weeks.

$50 Per session

Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the website to register or get more information. 


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